STUDY: The State of Global Innovation 2015

The ability to innovate consistently now determines corporate success or failure. But to what degree are today’s companies viewing innovation as a core business driver?

We conducted the 2015 State of Global Innovation study with the goal of assessing how innovative today’s mid- and large-sized organizations have become.

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How Pfizer Built a Global Innovator Network

Many companies have dabbled with dedicated innovation teams, or even with a corporate-level innovation group. But few have been able to embed and scale innovation outreach persistently across a global enterprise. Yet this is precisely what Pfizer has done.

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First Steps on the Innovation Road: Are Accelerators my Best Choice?

For any talent with disruptive ideas but lacking business strategies, accelerators for start ups are a seductive idea: They provide funds, mentoring from experts, and the opportunity to capture the attention of a large company looking for new partners. It sounds tempting, doesn't it?

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