Innovation in 3D

Breakthrough innovation occurs when different types of people, ideas, perspectives, and insights collide and mix in new ways. Imaginatik develops these creative interactions within an organization by integrating innovation across three related workplace dimensions – the physical space, the virtual space, and the mind space.

Make them want to come to work

Your Physical innovation space plays an important role in nurturing creative insights and spreading innovation culture. We help identify and evaluate deliberate strategies for seeding innovation through live workshops, brainstorming sessions, and physical meeting spaces.

Innovation Everywhere, Anytime

Online collaboration extends innovation potential much further than the Physical space alone can accomplish. Imaginatik’s Virtual software technology allows you to capture the combined insights and ideas of your whole organization.

Open their minds to new experiences

Our work shows you how to push people beyond conventional thinking. Help your organization engage the whole Mind in innovation – by embracing the combinations of seemingly random or opposing thoughts that create novel ideas.

Leverage all three Innovation Spaces

Engaging across the Physical, Virtual, and Mind spaces can vastly enhance innovation outcomes, as outlined in this thought paper by Elisa O’Donnell, Imaginatik’s VP of Innovation Solutions.

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