Collect ideas with purpose

Idea Challenges are time-limited campaigns to collect and develop ideas toward a certain business objective. Imaginatik pioneered this approach more than 15 years ago. Over time we have honed and refined the methodology that continues to be the most effective way to generate both a high volume and high quality of ideas that produce innovation results.

Structuring innovation to solve real business issues

Our proven Idea Challenge approach is extremely flexible and can be applied to almost any business problem or opportunity, from improving process and teamwork to large-scale Open Innovation competitions. We help your organization develop the skills to run Idea Challenges whenever the need for innovation arises.

Choose the right topic

Our innovation advisors all have years of experience helping business leaders frame challenge topics. Crafting a strong “call for ideas” creates a sense of mission and purpose, while giving participants confidence that their time and creative energy will be well spent.

Involve the right people

Based on the challenge’s business objective, we help the sponsor choose the right set of participants – the “crowd” for the challenge. We also assist in filling other crucial roles for a successful challenge: the review team, innovation champions, and subject matter experts.

Build the right rhythm

The Idea Challenge methodology relies on a “Converge / Diverge” collaboration model. First, we narrow the scope by choosing a challenge topic, and then expand or “diverge” by allowing open creativity on addressing that challenge. Finally, there is convergence when selecting the most promising concepts for development.

Put Idea Challenges to work for you

For more than 15 years, our Idea Challenge method has created major successes for our clients. Learn how we can help you solve business problem, and find new opportunities.

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