2013 State of Innovation Survey: Imaginatik welcoming insights from the world’s Innovation Leaders

Imaginatik has now launched its 2013 State of Innovation Survey – a global industry research initiative aimed at defining the state of innovation in the enterprise in 2013. The results of this survey will help leaders set their corporate innovation agenda – according to the Conference Board, innovation is one of the top three challenges faced by global CEOs in 2013.

Though it’s becoming an enterprise mandate, innovation has yet to become a company-wide core competency. To help innovation leaders and forward-thinking companies create a clear roadmap to building innovation in every aspect of their business, we are reaching out to the best and the brightest to get their perspectives and insights, established best practices, and determine the best way to helping the enterprise embrace the innovation management function.

Our 2013 State of Innovation survey is now live – we invite our colleagues and peers to partake. In exchange for your input, the team at Imaginatik will share the results of the survey with respondents ahead of announcing the results publicly. Additionally, we are offering one iPad mini to one lucky respondent.

Reflected in the 2013 State of Innovation survey is:

  • The importance of innovation for a range of corporate initiatives such as technology innovation, new product development, and process and business model innovation
  • The range of innovation approaches to making these corporate initiatives a company reality using methods such as outsourcing, insourcing and crowdsourcing
  • The ways in which innovation permeates the enterprise and whether it is a consistent process, supported by bursts of creativity
  • The biggest obstacles to innovation across the enterprise
  • The leaders driving innovation today – those who spearhead or influence innovation and where these leaders tend to work
  • How innovation is measured and assessed along with the various levels of innovation maturity within the enterprise

Paraphrasing novelist William Ford Gibson, we know that the future of innovation is already here, it is just not evenly distributed. The 2013 State of Innovation Survey aims at unearthing the future of innovation, calling out the field’s best practices and corresponding challenges, and equipping today’s innovation leaders to help push innovation to the next level – and make 2013 truly the year known for heralding the New Age of Innovation.

To take the survey, please visit this link.

The survey will be open until May 24. The results of the survey will be available in late June.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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