Announcing Innovation Cloud @ BEI

Those of us on the conference circuit know the drill. You fly in, meet people, digest content, and have drinks. After several frenetic days of activity, you’re off to the next thing. Hopefully you remember all the people you met, all the stuff you learned…hopefully…

It doesn’t have to be this way. Cramming activity into a few days has always been a practical necessity – it’s the only time when we’re all together.

But…but…we can be together online as well. What if we could fundamentally change the conference experience – such that meaningful interactions also happen BEFORE and AFTER the conference?

And thus was born the concept for Innovation Cloud – an online collaboration space for purposeful pre-conference interaction. Built using Imaginatik’s Innovation Central software platform, Innovation Cloud will be an integral part of the 2012 Back End of Innovation (BEI) conference, through a partnership with the Institute for International Research (IIR).

What makes Innovation Cloud so innovative? First, it gives delegates a channel to offer their suggestions on Discussion Topics during the event. As a result, content choices for the conference agenda are now an open conversation – both among delegates, and between organizers and delegates.

Second, Innovation Cloud combines virtual and physical interactions for a more complete experience. Online conversations feed into face-to-face interactions, making each richer. People meet their peers and share ideas before arriving at the conference, giving them a head start for getting the most out of the experience.

Innovation Cloud is a rich new way of creating value for conference delegates. If you’re attending BEI this fall, please make sure to get involved!

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