Benefits of a Mature Innovation Culture

Many organizations know how to innovate. They may possess most of the capabilities required to achieve expectations, or they may not, but they have sufficient innovation instincts and legacies to have attained their current scale and positioning. What we find is much less clear is how they intend to go the next level or two of innovation development, to truly enhance their enterprise innovation capability.

Imaginatik frequently recommends an Innovation Maturity Roadmap exercise for organizations seeking to develop innovation competence. This helps to close the “expectation gap” within the firm, aligning priorities, and creating a strategy and concrete plan that the organization can rally around:

  1. Team alignment: an aligned senior executive team is one that is able to make firm decisions about its innovation future, with some degree of consensus and shared definitions. We cannot overestimate the value of alignment. Alignment impacts the innovation aspiration level, the possibility to address distinct Horizons, plus make room for innovation as a top enterprise priority.
  2. A holistic game plan: with the help of collaborative workshops, the senior executive team emerges with a co-created multi-year game plan to improve its innovation capability. A co-created game plan empowers the leadership team to make difficult trade-offs while knowing that the innovation end-game is attainable, and by when.
  3. Overcome change resistance with co-creation: we believe change management is more successful with the help of a holistic game plan for innovation. Enterprise change is driven in intentional, purposeful ways, removing some of the inevitable resistance. Further, by empowering the senior executive team and numerous diverse middle managers to co-create the innovation roadmap, the organization dramatically enhances the probabilities for success through adoption.
  4. Periodic course correction: aided by a detailed action plan we encourage the senior executive team to revisit the roadmap every quarter, make adjustments for learnings or changed circumstances, and reinvigorate its performance against a multi-period program. As such our method incorporates aspects of agile planning versus the notion that the innovation roadmap must be perfect at inception.

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