Brussels Cargill Event

I am recently back from an event that we ran and was excellently hosted by Cargill at their R&D facilities in Brussels.

I want to share some observations on what made this event so personally enriching for myself, and as was confirmed by many of the other attendees.

1. Doing, not just listening. This is an Imaginatik Innovation Leaders Forum. ILF is not your typical conference. Rather than one speech after another Imaginaik created an immersive environment with live workshop sessions that allowed attendees to do just as much as listen. Ideation with top level innovation leaders is an amazing experience.

2. Amazingly thought provoking presentations. Presentations that shared tough lessons learnt from leading innovation managers, from large multinational companies as diverse as KLM, Shell, or Cargill. As well as equally challenging presentations from startups such as allfoodexperts with their open innovation community model.

3. A pleasant networking dinner. We all know how important it is to be able to connect and network in a relaxed environment. Much can be learnt from listening to peers in the less structured conversations that take place over a good shared dinner.

4. Finishing with a “speed dating” exercise enabled all to network at the event. I have been to so many events where I did not have the opportunity to actually meet some of the attendees that I wanted to. Not at Innovation Leaders Forum. You always get the opportunity to meet and talk to all other attendees.

So a big thank you to Cargill for hosting this event. And another big thank you to all those innovation leaders that came, those that shared their experience in presentation format, or those that shared their experiences.

If you are interested in hosting or attending an Innovation Leaders Forum, reach out to us here at Imaginatik.

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