Creativity abounds at ILF this week

By Jose Briones

The Innovation Leaders Forum is taking place this week on Thursday, March 8 in Boston, MA. While the caliber of speakers alone makes this conference worthwhile to attend, this conference is distinguishing itself from the ocean of new conferences on innovation in several ways:

  1. It is encouraging interaction between attendees and speakers prior to the conference by providing an online forum to post ideas, questions and suggested topics.
  2. The forum format is meant to also drive the posting of answers to the issues raised
  3. The conference organizers will use the input from the forum to set the topics for the afternoon workshops

Imaginatik, the main conference sponsor, has set up the online forum using its collaboration platform, Innovation Central. The use of a forum like this prior to a conference represents a unique and innovative way to create far more than a conference but an interactive community. This should result in a better experience for all attendees and may even result in finding new and creative answers to the issues affecting the innovation community.

Some of the main subjects being discussed in the forum include:

  • Planning and Strategy:  How have you managed to make innovation a strategic priority? Who are the key stakeholders, and how have you engaged them? What pitfalls and obstacles arise when building a broad innovation strategy for your organization?
  • Ideation and Process: Is your current process generating the kinds of ideas you need? How are you measuring your idea generation process?
  • Reporting and Metrics: Does your organization have an agreed upon set of innovation metrics? How do leaders know if they're successfully driving innovation? How did you scale your innovation metrics?
  • People and Organization: How do you give people the time, space, and permission to be creative? What behaviors do you encourage? What matters more, individual inspiration or collective discussion and refinement?

The list of speakers includes:  Keynote by Expert Innovator Deb Mills-Scofield, Kim Kitchings – Cotton Inc., Matt Gann – Medco, Jeff Pierce – Pitney Bowes, Mark Neff – CSC and Mick Simonelli – USAA.

I look forward to participate in this conference and will be live blogging the content of the conference presentations as well as the results of the workshops and online forums on Imaginatik’s blog as well as on Twitter on hashtag #ILF2012.

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