Creativity & Innovation: Not Identical but Both Important

Often times the terms “creativity” and “innovation” are used interchangeably and fail to be differentiated. While they are both critical to a company’s success, the difference is striking,

Creativity is the starting point of the innovation process that involves the origination and introduction of breakthrough ideas. It’s the brainstorming and creation of compelling new approaches for an organization or company. The subjective nature of creativity is the key to it, but also means that it will differ between separate projects and companies. This makes creativity hard to truly measure and track.

Innovation differs from creativity in the sense that it can, and should be, measured- and even more importantly tracked. Implementing creative ideas is when innovation begins. It is the result of the creative new ideas being applied, designing them into action, which in turn brings them to life. Without one, you can’t have the other.

Creativity and innovation work hand in hand. To reap innovative outcomes, creativity must first be worked into the workplace and become established. Innovations, therefore, are the reward of creativity. The ideas themselves won’t pay the bills, but the successful implementation of those ideas, aka “Innovation” will.

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