Driving Innovation through Employee Engagement - Shift your Focus

Working with a wide variety of innovation teams, companies, and innovators we hear:

  • We want to “democratize” innovation
  • We want to engage employees in innovation
  • We want everyone to have a say

While these are nice sentiments, something seems to be getting lost along the way to building a true innovation competence. Because people readily understand suggestions, incremental ideas and crowdsourcing, this tends to be the main focus when starting up innovation. Yet frequently, we see very little focus on innovation itself. We believe there’s another way – a better way – and it starts by ensuring your focus is on Driving Innovation through employee engagement.

So if the approach in the past has focused on engagement & crowdsourcing, what would it mean to Drive Innovation along with employee engagement?

Driving means we have a path, a journey, a destination and business outcomes we are driving towards. These business outcomes should be aligned with our strategic direction. It means we are actively engaging employees in the journey (not just in incremental ideation).
Innovation means we’re focused not only on incremental ideas, but breakthroughs, competitors, customers and ecosystems. We’re using innovation techniques, tools and strategies to move our business forward.

Consider your current program from this perspective:

How much of your current employee innovation effort is focused on driving breakthrough innovation?

  1. Are you leveraging your customer facing employees in the pursuit of your innovation goals around products & services?
  2. Are your employees regularly learning and exposed to creative thinking?
  3. Are your leaders and employees co-creating the future together?

If not, it’s time to shift your focus.

If you’d like to learn more about how to focus on innovation and engagement, join us for our webinar later this month on Innovation’s 8 Programs of Engagement.

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