Fostering an innovative culture

Once you’ve completed a few innovation challenges and learned how your organization is collaborating and working together, your new goal is to make these actions a repeated, core activity that thrives and grows over time.

Innovation Complaint: I don’t want our organization to get lucky with one big breakthrough innovation; I want to innovate constantly over time.

Forming an innovative culture takes months and years, not days and weeks to form. It is easier to start small, build momentum, then train champions who will carry on the innovation mission and secure leadership’s support to help devote resources to the effort. In order to engrain innovation in your culture you will need:

  1. One person designated to head the innovation efforts

    • Check out our article on choosing an “innovation champion”

  2. Dedicated time and resources for innovation

    • Time and resources for experimentation and implementation
    • An innovation team that keeps conversations and connections going

  3. Support from management

    • Leadership should share a view of “fail fast” – not every idea is going to work and sometimes the hardest thing to do is accept that’s OK

Innovation isn’t just a one-time event, it is consistent and fluid and it needs commitment from every level of the organization. Under strong leadership – one that enables creativity and new thinking to touch every aspect of a company process, customer base, products, relationships with suppliers, etc. – an innovative culture will thrive.

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