Idea Central team talks about upgrade

Recently, members of Imaginatik's development team talked about the new features of Idea Central 10, Imaginatik's enterprise software solution, which was released earlier this month. From Head of Development Tim Woods:

Idea Central 10, which launched last month, was the single biggest project we've ever undertaken in Development. We've completely re-written the front end interface from top to bottom, plus added a ton of nice functionality. We delivered the project on time, having our first beta ready in December, and went gold in two months.

All of this happened while the Development team was rapidly expanding. We'll be looking to continue this hot streak with our much bigger team in 2010.

Idea Central is the platform of choice for Collective Intelligence, and our focus will now be aggressively in this direction. We want a highly flexible architecture that allows us to serve the diverse and complex needs of our many Fortune 1000 clients. Idea Central 10 is that platform.

Coming next:

  • Idea Central 10 Mobile
  • Idea Central 10.1 (more features that will continue the platform progression)
  • Essential updates to other existing modules like the Login, Warehouse, etc.
  • Much more

And here's a note from Molly Luther, another member of Imaginatik's development team, about Idea Central's compatibility:

After Idea Central 10 Beta was released, we did an assessment of what problems existed in Internet Explorer 6, and the main issue turned out to be the user intertface.  We saw that 25-50% of users at eight of Imaginatik's clients were using IE6. They told us that they would likely continue to do so for a number of months, so we decided to make the two work together.

We're very happy we were able to find a solution, one that will allow many more customers to use Idea Central 10 sooner.

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