ILF 2012: A preview

Innovation Leaders Forum 2012 Boston

Next Thursday more than 100 innovators from around the world will attend the Innovation Leaders Forum.

Imaginatik has hosted these events in Chicago, Washington and New York, but for the first time we're bringing it home to Boston. We're partnering with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology for a fun day of networking, strategy workshops and guest speakers who will share lessons from their respective innovation journeys.

There's also a twist to this year's event - we're having attendees set the agenda. Registrants have been using Imaginatik's collaboration platform, Innovation Central, to help create the topics for the afternoon workshops. These include: The most effective ways to measure ROI (Return on Innovation), How to make ideation meet targeted criteria, Spreading the passion for innovation, and more.

The ILF's speakers have captivating stories to tell, including:

  • Keynote Deb Mills-Scofield: Deb tears down the wall separating the rhetoric of innovation versus its reality, and exposes the "new normal" of Cognitive Dissonance and how businesses can get accustomed to this new reality.
  • Kim Kitchings, Cotton Inc.: Kim will demonstrate how the future for a different type of innovation is optimistic, and how it keeps ideas continuously developing into something real.
  • Matt Gann, Medco: How does an already innovative company make innovation a repeatable, scalable process? Matt takes us inside Medco's Imagineering initiative.
  • Jeff Pierce, Pitney Bowes: Through the lens of the mission “Engage, Innovate, Grow,” Jeff will tell the story of the Employee Innovation Program at Pitney Bowes.
  • Mark Neff, CSC: Mark will review some innovation basics and present different types of innovation strategies, plus practical advice on how to get started.
  • Mick Simonelli, USAA: Mick will describe the realities of working in an innovative culture, and what it takes to get there.

It's not too late to register for the event if you're an innovation leader looking to give your efforts a boost. And if you can't make it, check back next week as we blog live from the day's sessions.

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