ILF recap from Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley delivers the keynote speech at the Innovation Leaders Forum in New York last month.

At the AMEX Open Forum today, innovation author and strategist Braden Kelley shares his thoughts about the topics and speakers at Imaginatik's Innovation Leaders Forum last month.

Visit the Open Forum to read his recap. Here's an excerpt:

Meanwhile, the folks at Medco are moving from CEO-led innovation to having a professional organization managing innovation. It was interesting though that the new group is not just focused on envisioning the future with some focus on commercialization, but also on imagining the future without constraints. This includes having people on staff to help with visual representation and prototyping. Dedicating resources to unconstrained imagination and visualization is a courageous move that not many organizations would make. Bravo!

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