Imaginatik and the Greater Good

While we are a for-profit, publicly traded company, Imaginatik has a mission to change the world for the better.  We think about this mission all the time and know that we will continue to find ways to use our software, our skills and our expertise in the areas of collective intelligence and collaborative innovation to bring about real change in important areas like the global water crises, world hunger, the arts, etc.  We know we change the world of our customers on a very regular basis.  The confidence our customers have placed in us is gratifying -- the results they achieve give us at Imaginatik a psychic payoff that is difficult to describe.  If you come to one of our Global Forums you'll know what I mean.  Our customers get so enthusiastic about the results they achieve as a result of their Imaginatik/Idea Central projects, they want to tell the world.

On the social good side of changing the world, Imaginatik is active at conferences that focus on the greater good.  Our CEO, Mark Turrell, attends the World Economic Forum every year.  This year in addition to attending the annual Davos event, he also went to the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China in September.  A number of interesting initiatives came out of that meeting.   And then he came to New York for the Clinton Global Initiative (more to come on that).

Just a week before our Global Forum, Mark attended the annual PopTech conference in Camden Maine.  PopTech is an event focused on "world-changing people, projects and ideas" in the TED conference model and there are a lot of great discussions about the role of technology in the future of the world.  At PopTech, Imaginatik hosted two events, to connect with the attendees and raise funds for New Hope for Women, a local charity.  We are proud to be part of the PopTech community and look forward to our next trip to Camden.

This week, I'm with the Imaginatik team in Detroit, MI, at the Annual Conference of Independent Sector, "the leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in America and around the world."  They joined forces with the Council of Michigan Foundations for this year's event and so far we've been really impressed with the conference, the attendees and the city of Detroit.  Last nights reception at the Detroit Institute of Arts was outstanding.  Wonderful Italian paintings and sculpture and the Richard Avedon retrospective were both very cool...but I digress.

A few months back Imaginatik was selected by Independent Sector to provide the collaborative innovation forum for Future Lab, an online forum for Independent Sector members and other interested parties.  They've started discussions with on a wide variety of topics, including diversity, technology, integration with religious groups, civic engagement, etc, but so far we have not had the volume of activity that is really needed to come up with a strong set of ideas from which Independent Sector can select key areas that would provide benefit for its membership.  We need volume!  So I'm asking those of you who read our blog, please visit the Independent Sector FutureLab, sign up, and contribute your ideas!!


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