Imaginatik Global Forum Hits Boston

The world of Imaginatik continues to accelerate.  Here's some of the highlights.

-- New non-executive Chairman, Matt Cooper.  Matt is truly accomplished person who "grew up" at a bank called Capital One.  One of his many achievements was that he was the Principal Managing Director of Capital One Bank (Europe) plc from launch to the point where they had 2 million customers, 2000 employees and £275 million in revenues.  We are really looking forward to Matt's guidance as we grow Imaginatik.

-- Tom McDermott's excellent intro to Gary Hamel at last weeks event in the Time Life Building, NYC.  We'll be posting the video as soon as we have it.  Tom is Imaginatik's Senior Solutions Executive -- and a big believer in what Gary has to say.  From all accounts this was a very inspiring day for all who attended and we were proud to sponsor this event.

-- A number of great customer wins.  Can't wait to share those stories.

-- And oh yeah, did I mention we are throwing our annual Imaginatik Global Forum in Boston on October 27 and 28th?  "Crowdsourcing" expert Jeff Howe will be our keynote speaker.   Here's a taste of what Jeff will speak about:  [youtube=]

We'll have additional speakers including:

- Mark Turrell, Founder and CEO of Imaginatik

- Jon Bidwell, Senior Vice President of Innovation for Chubb

- Vince Nedeff, quality assurance coordinator with Solvay Advanced Polymers

- Dr. Robin Spencer, Senior Research Fellow at Pfizer

- Mike Hatrick, Innovation and Knowledge Management Transformation, Bombardier Aerospace

- David Wootton, Project Stress Engineer, Bombardier Aerospace

Our day two keynote is a very interesting guy named Rob Bryant. Rob is a VP of Quality at CSC.  He uses Imaginatik's Idea Central on a regular basis as a part of the Six Sigma practice he leads.  Idea Central allows them to get the right people to focus on all the aspects of a problem and capture their thoughts and ideas and their online collaboration in a secure and scalable online setting.

...The other thing you should know about Rob is that he suffered a personal tragedy early in his career when he lost the use of his legs in an oil field accident.  He used that extreme setback to hone a personal philosophy that is nothing short of inspiring.  We are really looking forward to hearing both of Rob's stories and how they come together for him.

There is no fee for this conference, but attendance is generally limited to Imaginatik customers.  To register, contact Tara Castledine at If you are not yet a customer but are interested in attending, please contact me at

See you in Boston!!


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