Imaginatik rolls out Idea Central 10

Earlier this week, Imaginatik released Idea Central 10, the latest upgrade to its proprietary idea management platform that helps businesses realize the Collective Intelligence of the people inside, and often outside, their organization.

Idea Central 10's new features make it even easier for administrators to run their crowdsourcing events, and the software is fully customizable. During its development, Imaginatik researchers worked side by side with clients to create its new features and improve existing ones.

Among its features:

  • Fully customizable user interface.
  • Enhanced social media capabilities.
  • Personal Spaces - a central place for users to manage all aspects of their participation in an event.
  • Compatibility with Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8.
  • Rejuvenated Portal to match the updated look and feel of Idea Central 10.
  • A new module release, Text Analysis 1.0 Beta. This module helps you easily manage large amounts of content through advanced word cloud technology. More information about this module will be available shortly.

“Computers without people don’t work. People without computers don’t scale,” said Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik, in a statement released today. “Our customers value Imaginatik for our insights, process knowledge and guidance as well as the technology. Idea Central 10 takes Collective Intelligence to a new level, giving executives the tools they need to tap into employee brainpower and the world at large to deliver tangible business results."

For more information on Idea Central 10, visit our web site.

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