Immerse them in collaboration - How to make real change happen

We arrive at Kotter’s last step, Make It Stick – a complete culture change. In innovation it’s the Holy Grail achieved through a long, well thought-out, well-resourced journey.

At this step we have our process and metrics in place. Now, based on results, let’s consider ongoing recognition programs, career development and promotion, mentoring for innovation, field trips outside the office and creativity training.

If we look at this journey, we’d visualize it in this way.

Most companies we meet are in the beginnings of the Establish phase. The best way to move forward is to immerse your team in online collaboration, breakthrough innovation and innovation readiness. These elements – constantly reinforced through a commitment to innovation that is always supported by senior management - will give you the right start on this journey to achieving results and overcoming the pain of change.

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