Innovation and HR: A match made in heaven?

Human Resource Executive Online recently featured a story from The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, which uses Imaginatik's innovation management tools to tackle weighty topics such as social media presence and brand identity.

An excerpt:

Indeed, within a year of implementation, and with the assistance of Boston-based technology firm Imaginatik, Chubb's HR department set up a companywide, online platform that has garnered 4,000 ideas and 10,000 comments and contributions from 26 separate "events."

"We pose challenges, a.k.a events, on [a company portal] and our people respond to it," [Sunita Holzer, executive vice president of human resources and worldwide HR manager for The Chubb Group] says. "One of the [recent] challenges posted was based around brand and increasing brand awareness and relationships: 'What are some innovative and creative ways to get ourselves out there?' "

There were a lot of different ideas about using social-media platforms, she says, and because of that feedback, Chubb's leadership "launched a multidisciplinary global organization-wide team to look at how to utilize social media for the company."

See the full article here.

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