Innovation in Changing Times

How will organizations adapt to the rapidly occurring changes that we see every day in our markets and workplaces? The pace of change is accelerating at an incredible rate, making it an absolute necessity that organizations keep up, or risk failing.

This was the main question we addressed at our Innovation in Changing Times summit in March, a two-day networking event held in partnership with Cargill and long-standing client Goodyear at their Innovation Centre in Luxembourg.

Over the two-day session, we brought together innovation leaders and practitioners from organizations as diverse as Goodyear, Cargill, KLM, British American Tobacco, Cobham, All Food Experts, Ecco, and GlaxoSmithKline. We looked at some of the challenges organizations will face in the near and longer-term future, built insight based on presentations about the Future of Cities, Social Business and Sustainability, and Age Diversity in the Workplace.

In order to generate a climate ripe for innovative thinking, we kicked the event off by having all participants don their creativity socks—literally! After an ice-breaking networking session to bring the group together, we started exploring the theme of Innovation in Changing Times. By combining our diverse array of experiences with data, catalyst presentations, and thoughtful discussion, we developed a number of insights about the future of our organizations.

We came to the conclusion that this future world will require flatter organizational structures, greater respect for individualism, and a greater individual freedom in organizations for employees to build their own networks and teams, leveraging the best talent to work toward common goals.

This two-day event was not only a bit unorthodox and challenging, but also always thought provoking, inspiring, and insightful. Our participants experienced a discovery technique that they will be able to bring back and apply at their own organizations. They networked, shared, and compared innovation practices, techniques, and challenges with others from different sectors. What they discovered is that they had more in common with one another than might be expected, and they were able to benefit from learning about each other’s experiences.

The event proved itself to be a wonderful success, and we are looking forward to the next time we can bring our network of innovators together, put on our creativity socks, and learn even more!

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