Innovation in finance? You bet!

After Lehman Brothers in 2008, “financial innovation” was a dirty word. And perhaps deservedly so. But the public stigma overshadows very real innovation in the industry.

Chris Skinner, founder and chair of the Financial Services Club, knows how financial innovation works best. He believes that innovation is crucial for financial firms’ future – and also eminently possible.

How does a traditionally conservative industry lead innovation? We invite you to join our upcoming webinar, at which Chris will discuss the secret to financial innovation: look outside the industry for inspiration.

New customer trends and evolving technologies determine the pace of innovation, and successful financial innovators recognize this fact. They look beyond the limits of their own firms to identify and leverage these outside trends. That’s how Bank of America captured the wave of internet banking, and how Square has revolutionized the industry through mobile payments.

To hear more from Chris Skinner about how financial and insurance firms can innovate successfully, don’t miss the upcoming webinar on April 24th. Chris will discuss his insights on how innovation happens in financial services and insurance. He'll also provide practical guidance and advice on how to approach innovation within *your* organization.

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