As Innovation Month ends ...

June was designated as Innovation Month in New England, and several events hosted throughout the northeastern U.S. encouraged innovators (or aspiring innovators) to mix it up. For our part, we visited the World Innovation Forum, hosted Greenbelt training for Idea Central users, launched a new product, and attended an "innobeer" event linked to the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston.

Next month promises to be another busy time at Imaginatik, as we announce new software capabilities for your Idea Central implementation.

Speaking of which, Imaginatik launched version 10 of Idea Central earlier this year. 10.1 will be rolled out in July, and as I was researching it I came across what version 1 looked like.

Here's Idea Central as it exists today:

Idea Central

And here was Idea Central circa 1999:

New IdeaAdditional questionsSaving optionsViewing IdeasGet Inspired - ChallengesReviewer's ViewCreating a New Review

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