Innovator's Corner Recap: Bill Truettner

Did you miss our last Innovator's Corner? Bill Truettner, Innovation Advisor, led a discussion on how to lead an innovation culture, answering questions with the wisdom he gained while at HP. Here's what he had to say. He can be found on Twitter at @BillTruettner

Q1: @emileymccole How do you establish a balance between empowering employees and protecting the company against huge risks? #innocorner
A1: In a word, gates. Management sets up checkpoint reviews and releases externally focused actions (e.g. product launch) #innocorner

Q2: @BryanMMahoney: chicken or egg? Does leadership need to get strategy right, then culture, or is it the other way around? #innocorner
A2: Complementary, but culture best developed working on strategic issues (evolve while doing). Build culture around strategy #innocorner

Q3: @BryanMMahoney How did @HP measure innovation success? What were the "right" metrics - any common to other innovative orgs? #innocorner
A3: Balanced scorecard, as of 5 years ago at least. Ultimately customer and competitive metrics are truest proof, others support #innocorner

Q4: @chris_townsend_ How important is internal innovation in the innovation strategy? How do you encourage internal innovation? #innocorner
A4: Same as external. Same formula as for new products: marriage of burning need and breakthrough capabilities = sales #innocorner

Q5 @chris_townsend_ More effective to schedule blocks of time for innovation or have employees integrate into own schedule? #innocorner
A5 1 of 2: Blocks for live collaboration, out of necessity, and self-schedule otherwise since each manages how 2 spend time #innocorner
A5 2 of 2: Everyone overscheduled, overcommunicated, so critical to let individual choose when to think creatively, not dictate #innocorner

Q6: @emileymccole What is the best way to start innovating when there’s no support from management? #innocorner
A6: quietly, in small bursts, and plan with high possibility of business impact. Tell 1 empathetic mgr. of success, go viral #innocorner

Q7: @SalesInnovate How can leaders proactively provide the right climate for a culture of innovation? #innocorner
A7: Set expectation that good enough isn't, especially around customer experience and beating competition #innocorner

Q8: @SalesInnovate What resources (training and tools) can you provide employees to help them be more innovative? #innocorner
A8: Learning devices that explain the cognitive process + examples, followed quickly by virtual challenges to practice learning #innocorner

Q9: @ramonsalinas How did HP view recognition and reward? #innocorner
A9: recognition 2 appreciate good job, private and/or public depending on person, reward for business results or org. growth #innocorner

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