Innovator's Corner with Sara Husk: Recap

If you missed our Innovator's Corner Tweetchat with Sara Husk, you're in luck! You can read the questions and answers below. The questions asked were based off of Sara's webinar "Making Innovation Real." You can find Sara on Twitter at @innovationgal.

Q1: from @RoryBurghes Innovation. Over used, misunderstood and guaranteed to create antibodies in your organisation.Time for a new way to describe it?
A1: Term innovation isn't important what IS is alignment around YOUR definition and the ability to match strategy w/initiatives #innocorner

Q2: from @chris_townsend_ Could you share the job description of an ideal Chief Innovation Officer? #innocorner
A2: Key Traits = Change Leader. High EQ. Influencer. Process Owner. External Collaborator. these combine to drive real results #innocorner

Q3: from @StratTech How do you measure innovation in a large enterprise? #innocorner
A3: Can vary by company depending on strategy & innovation maturity. Common = portfolio potential, impact on growth gap #innocorner

Q4: from @nickgoss1 How can you keep employees enthusiastic when their ideas are not selected? #innocorner
A4: Respond to employees with which ideas were chosen & most importantly why.Share progress of chosen ideas to show real results #innocorner

Q5: from @SalesInnovate What is the best approach to developing an innovation strategy? #innocorner
A5: Align top leaders. Define clear business vision for breakthrough, incremental. Discover barriers. Plan for action. Measure #innocorner

Q6: from @StratTech How can you leverage socia media for product development and innovation? #innocorner
A6: Great way to discover what customers are talking about and use as input to springboard your innovative thinking. #innocorner

Q7: from @MotorbikeLondon what's the difference between a campaign-based approach and a challenge-based approach? #innocorner
A7: Challenge based focuses on specific business opportunity and is strategically aligned with resources ready to take action. #innocorner

Q8: from @RoryBurghes How do you convince your organisation you are really serious about innovation? #innocorner
A8: Align leadership. Support the mission with resources. Build skills among employees. Communicate results AND learnings. #innocorner

Q9: from @SalesInnovate How can you leverage and develop the mind space of employees? #innocorner
A9: Walk the talk. Visibly take risks, support unique points of view, emphasize learning v failure. Use collaborative language #innocorner

Q10: from @BryanMMahoney How do you get company leaders involved/excited about innovation? #innocorner
A10: Focus on results and outcomes. Focus on strategies important to leaders. Give them a role in defining the vision. #innocorner

Q11: from @nickgoss1 How can you engage an entire company in innovation efforts? #innocorner
A11: Multi year journey competence building. Enable skills & tools. Focus on strategic projects. Share results. = culture shift #innocorner

We look forward to hearing your questions at our next Innovator's Corner on Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 11 a.m. with Bill Truettner. Bill's Innovator's Corner will be a follow up for his webinar, "Leading an Innovation Culture," that will be held Wednesday, Dec. 12. Attend the webinar and tweet your questions about leading an innovation culture with #innocorner and Bill will answer!

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