Interested in Incremental Innovation? Let's Start with Concrete Engagement Programs

Working for more than two decades helping companies develop sustainable practices of innovation, Imaginatik has profound experience in achieving successful results through engaging programs. We use eight different tools for different purposes, both to achieve breakthrough innovations or incremental innovation. For those companies beginning their innovation path and more focused on the improvement of their processes and portfolio of products and services, we suggest squeezing the whole potential of two programs:

  • Idea Challenges
  • Communities of innovation

Firstly, these tools will allow your company to build a self-progressive innovation path; achieving incremental results and collecting a multiplicity of ideas that you can turn into opportunities to impact your business.

Secondly, they are a good starting point for changing human behaviors and ways of interaction within your company contributing to the development of a culture of innovation and establishing a bigger connection between your employees and assets.

Thirdly, Communities of Innovation and Idea challenges are suitable programs for solving concrete problems; moving things forward, building new intelligence into organizations by sharing knowledge and practices, and recapping external inputs.

Lastly, they are proper programs to reinforce the engagement of groups of individuals across your company in the achievement of your goals, both online and offline. Apply this to a concrete challenge - improving customer experience, for instance. How many people in your organization can make crucial contributions to it? Give voice to them.

Idea Challenges and Innovation Communities are two of our older programs. As pioneers in these areas, we are wishing to share our experiences and knowledge after helping different large companies in sectors such as food, health, and finances... Ask here for more information about our engagement programs.

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