Large Size Company or SMEs: What Program of EngagementShould I Choose?

Here's a question one of the participants asked us about our programs of engagement during our latest webinar: Do I have to choose a different program depending on the size of my company? This can be a frequent doubt, however, not the most relevant one.

There are just two crucial questions regarding how to structure your innovation activities through programs of engagement:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • and Which one is the best tool for getting progress the fastest?

For that, in relation to the selection of an engagement program, our company's size is only something to consider if we understand that companies tend to pursue different outcomes and have different experiences with innovation depending on their size. For example, for a small company, getting progress in incremental innovation can be a main goal, hence, they must focus on programs of engagement such as Ideas Challenges or Communities of Innovation.

On the contrary, large companies may have more experience in innovation and, perhaps, their aims tend to seek breakthrough ideas, so Hackathon or Shark Tanks are more suitable tools for them.

Either way, whether you are in a large company or a SMEs, the fundamental issue must be to build competence in a variety of tools for engagement - Challenges, Communities of Interest,Hackathons, Jams, Shark Tanks, Tournaments, Speed Dating, and Q&A Forums - as they have different purposes, to build a sustainable innovation competence.

Aligning innovation activities with strategic objectives to drive innovation outcomes is the way to build new competencies through these programs of engagement for innovation, competencies such as selling new ideas in the organization, prioritizing ideas, engaging leaders in making decisions around innovation...

If you interested in gaining fluency in these skills, Imaginatik has profound experience in helping teams and companies like yours. Contact us here to start your innovation trip!

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