Learn to master enterprise change

In many organizations the responsibility of making broad changes often falls to one small silo or department. When it doesn't work, business leaders are often left wondering why that change didn't catch on elsewhere.

Sweeping improvements to processes and products - the kinds of changes that bring about some type of value for the entire organization - demand an enterprise point of view. This is a requirement at the heart of large-scale innovation efforts, a requirement the leaders at Whirlpool Corp. have mastered.

This month Moises Norena, global director of innovation at Whirlpool, joins Imaginatik President Luis Solis in a webinar that explores the role an Innovation Project Management Office can play in channeling the required energy, expertise, methods and tools to meet your organization's innovation objectives. They will explore how Whirlpool executes its innovation game-changing strategy and advances its innovation capability.

This discussion takes place Thursday, Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. ET. Registration for this free webinar is required.

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