Lessons from ‘The HP Way’

The innovative culture at Hewlett Packard was borne from an attitude that “employees' brainpower was the company's most important resource.” This belief was supported by trust and respect for individual employees, and became the foundation for “The HP Way.”

This week, innovation advisor Bill Truettner – a former 15-year employee at HP – mapped the path to innovation that the company’s founders began more than 70 years ago.

In this webinar, Bill illustrated HP’s focus on culture through stories, including those he heard while at HP and some that he experienced personally. He broke down the path to an innovative culture into six elements: vision, guidance, support, inclusion, positivity, and trust.

Bill advocates adopting a “How can I help?” mindset. When you hear about someone’s idea, he says, ask how you can help. Even if you can’t, this simple gesture offers support and encouragement. Additionally, employees at HP make it a habit to follow a critical comment with a constructive one that offers a solution to the problem. This will help create a positive environment in which ideas are supported and grown, rather than ignored or insulted.

The recording of the presentation and a copy of the slide deck can be found here.

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