The lessons of Innovation Leaders Forum 2013 (#ILF2013)

An innovation leader touches many departments and functions, even if the people in those areas don't directly report to the head of innovation. In corporate innovation systems the team that fosters innovation is the team that can deftly move across the whole organization, an elite force of "hackers and hustlers" who foster change and growth across the enterprise. They're not visionaries, these talented few - they have the ability to see near and far and toggle between the two.

On Tuesday several of these innovation leaders from around the world gathered in Boston for a day of provocative thinking and discussion around building the team and roles for innovation to thrive. They explored the spaces where these innovative minds come from, and where they can be nurtured. They discussed the right attributes for innovation - what intrinsic qualities in people and culture are necessary to exist before innovation takes hold.

In the coming weeks we'll unpack these insights and themes more fully through blog posts and webinars. Please visit the links below to see coverage of the day's events, and watch for upcoming coverage of the Innovation Leaders Forum and the ideas that will help the next generation of innovation leaders.

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Photos of the day's events

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