Outlining an effective innovation vision - How to make real change happen

Step 3 of Kotter’s Eight-Step Change Model is “Getting the Vision Right.” Before you sit down to write a compelling vision statement for innovation, think hard about what goes into it.

There are four main areas to address in an enterprise-ready innovation vision statement:

Innovation Strategy: Do we have a shared definition for innovation? Do we include incremental and breakthrough innovation? What can we hold up as an example of a successful innovation we’ve implemented already?

Innovation Culture: How do we approach innovation differently than we do today? Do we take more risk? Will failure be tolerated more broadly? Are employees now compensated for innovation actions, and should they be? How can employees relate to, understand and get “jazzed” about innovation in our company?

Innovation Leadership: How do leaders support this vision for the greater good? How do leaders at all levels take personal responsibility for making innovation come alive in their business unit? Is there a role for accountability in the vision?

Innovation Resources, Processes and Organization: How is the company funding, supporting and enabling innovation to move from initial rough concept into a money-making product or service? How does the work of innovation get done? Are all employees not just accountable for ideas and fresh thinking, but for execution as well? Do we have a way to measure progress?

Thinking about these things will not only ensure you have a well rounded vision, but get you started on the path to bring the vision to life in your organization. We will revisit these concrete actions in Steps 5 and 6.

Next in this series: Step 4: Communicating the vision for buy-in

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