Pitney Bowes: Strategic Transformation through Innovation

Pitney Bowes started with a simple, yet difficult to achieve objective of aligning innovation with strategic objectives to transform the company. Although Pitney Bowes was founded on innovation, it needed something extra to not only survive, but to strengthen the company. It started with its own innovation platform, ‘IdeaNet’, to engage employees.

Eventually, Pitney Bowes replaced their system with Imaginatik’s Innovation Central. Together, with an innovation ecosystem of customers, support, and events, the success was astounding. In 2011 alone, there was a 15-time return on the program, based on realized value.

Jeff Pierce, Pitney Bowes’ Innovation Architect said, “Imaginatik has consistently been willing to work closely with us, providing best-practice guidance and fitting solutions to our needs. That has made a big difference.”

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