The "right" team: Easy as turkey soup

Putting a review team together is a lot like making turkey soup - The basic concept is combining a whole bunch of stuff to get something better out the other end. And as in cooking, there's a recipe to it (Thanks to consultant Sara Husk for the guidance):

  • Keep the team small - Three to eight people will work, depending on the number of ideas coming in.
  • Knowledge is king - Subject matter expertise is a big factor, so they can make a good decision on the business topic at hand.
  • Have the sponsor's trust - Related to the second point, the sponsor needs to know that the review team will deliver good recommendations on which ideas to move forward or keep on a short list.

Some of a soup's individual parts, like carrots or celery, perform very well on their own. Other ingredients - crushed black pepper or parsley, for example - need help from the other members of the group in order to bring their particular talents to bear. Once added to the mix, though, they have their place.

The point is to strike the right balance of different "flavors." Getting that mix right applies to innovation, too, particularly when organizations struggle with getting the right mix of people on review teams to sort, filter and decide on the many ideas generated through collaboration.

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