Some Facebook do's and don'ts

With our social media risk event coming to a close, it seems an opportune time to talk about Facebook's latest privacy policy, which happened to hit this week. Concerns over personal information being released to third parties has prompted many users of the popular networking site to quit their accounts (that's if they figure out how to delete them).


Facebook isn't as secure as we once thought. Then again,

DID we think that? (photo courtesy of Yahoo! News)

Consumer Reports Magazine reported this week on some best practices when using Facebook. They include:

1. Using a weak password

2. Leaving your full birth date in your profile

3. Overlooking useful privacy controls (i.e. limiting access to photos)

4. Posting your child's name in a caption

5. Mentioning that you'll be away from home

6. Letting search engines find you

7. Permitting youngsters to use Facebook unsupervised

You can read the list in full here.

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