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Joe McKendrick of SmartPlanet posted an interview today with Luis Solis, EVP of Growth and Innovation at Imaginatik. In it, he talks about Imaginatik's new Innovation as a Service offering, which focuses on the people and processes involved in large-scale innovation as it becomes embedded in corporate culture. Here's an excerpt:

What does it take to promote innovation in a big way?

It takes three ingredients for organizations to innovate, and we find it interesting that organizations are all over the map in terms of maturity in how they do this.

Number one, so simple, you have to make time. Management must be committed to innovation as a long-term strategy. I call it ‘demand-side innovation.’ Second, you have to fund dedicated resources.  Some people have to call this their job, as opposed to a whole volunteer army. In five or six out of ten organizations that we work with, innovation is a volunteer matrix staff effort, and there’s no one who’s calling it their job.

Then there is goal setting. You have to look at goals from a completely different point of view. We advocate stretch goals. Which is what P&G, Whirlpool, GE, 3M and Google do. They set stretch goals. If you just kept doing what you’ve always done, it’s not good enough.

Visit SmartPlanet for the full interview.

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