Teams based on capability, not convenience

Individually, people can remember about 50,000 chunks of useful information. This, coupled with the globalization of business and growing burden of knowledge, means teamwork is the best way to stay competitive and an industry leader. But, traditional business teams can’t possibly have the right expertise at the right time in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Managers usually assign employees to teams with the following priority:

  • They’re within the managers authority
  • They have some time
  • They have the appropriate skills and knowledge

Rob Spencer, Imaginatik’s Director of Research, shared these insights and more in a webinar this week on how traditional teams are being formed based more on convenience than capability. For a more effective team, it must be comprised of employees with the right expertise appropriate for the task.

It’s not difficult to get started on putting together better teams. By running challenges that are open to thousands of employees, communication that would not have happened otherwise reveals experts on different subject maters. The key is to care as much about creating or identifying expert knowledge as your supply chain.

For a copy of the presentation and slides, click here. Stay tuned for more information on our next webinar.

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