Tournaments: Collaboration for a Rapid Outcome

Tournaments are community driven. Tournaments are an engagement tool aimed at achieving maximum performance in:

  • Collecting ideas.
  • Encouraging collaboration between participants with different skills.
  • Achieving results for a challenge in a very short period of time -approximately one month.

It is a well-defined program and yet, for those involved in the innovation ecosystem, assimilating them with other engagement programs is a common mistake.

What are the differences?

Unlike tools such as such as Idea Challenges, Tournaments tackle the kind of challenges where the priority is to sum up efforts and voices. And even though they are executed through contests with prize-based incentives, this is a zero-sum “winners and losers”. They are also useful to boost internal collaboration, contributing to inject organizations with more dynamism, and to seek external inputs.

A quick example:

At Imaginatik, we have recently helped The World Bank develop new tools on climate change as part of their Open Data initiative. Apps for Climate Competition intended on bringing together the best ideas from all kinds of collaborators: Scientists, developers, social organizations... on creating new apps using The World Bank's data.

A Tournaments program enabled us to identify promising new ideas for innovation and set a new agenda of projects.

Do you have an initiative of this kind in mind? We will be delighted to help.

Imaginatik has developed their own programs and strategies of engagement and, as an innovation pioneer, counts on experience of more than twenty years addressing innovation objectives. Ask us for information here.

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