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Published at innovationmanagement.se this week:

In the early 2000s ideas management was still heady stuff. Open innovation was hardly heard of and collaboration management was only just coming into vogue. Back then, the advent of what was, to all intents and purposes, a collaborative, online suggestion box signaled a veritable revolution in “business-as-usual” because the Internet linked workers throughout the world, and that meant all employees could suddenly contribute to the firm’s future.

“Just imagine! Employees across the largest of global companies can now submit their ideas upward – and have their voices heard!” Unbelievable, you might have said, that senior management could listen to suggestions from 10,000 people across five continents!

Only a few years later, these once-“revolutionary” approaches have begun to seem tired. They’ve wandered into the dangerous territory of cliché. A new set of innovation tools needs to address these issues. If we don’t, we’re kidding ourselves if we think that ideation platforms really equate to innovation. Imaginatik’s Idea Central platform will be integrating some such solutions this month. ...

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