Welcome to our Blog -- Day One

Who are we?

Imaginatik has been driving conversations between our customers’ employees, customers and suppliers for 10+ years.  We’ve helped them save money, develop new products, save energy, reduce waste, increase sustainability and succeed in other projects too numerous to mention.

What is this blog about?

In this blog, our plan is to make observations about the changing world of collaborative innovation and collective intelligence.  We think it will be a fun discussion and we hope you’ll join in.

Who am I?

My name is Peter Propp and I am the VP of Marketing for Imaginatik.  I've been working in the internet software space for about 15 years.  In that time I've only had one experience that comes close to the excitement my colleagues, customers and I share when we talk about the areas of collaborative innovation, idea managment and the emerging "super category" of Collective Intelligence solutions.  That was the creation of what became IBM's WebSphere product family and the web application server category.  As the original business development manager for WebSphere, I had a ringside view to what I still feel is a greatly under-appreciated story in the history of the IT business.  I'll talk more about the parallels between the emergence of the web application server business and the Collective Intelligence space in future posts.  But there is much more to talk about...

Some of Our Clients

A Foundation of Experience Spanning over 20 Years