What to do with the innovation leftovers


We see ideation challenges generate a lot of high-quality ideas for companies. And we see companies toss the ideas they can't use.

We also see companies save ideas for later - the suggestions or collaborations that may be useful one day but don't quite fit the problem they're trying to address now. These "leftovers" have their place - but can you extend their shelf life?

Here are some suggestions, courtesy of Imaginatik consultant Bill Truettner:

  1. Clearly document how the ideas came about and were adjudicated - Record the thought process, inspiration, problem being solved, reason the ideas were not chosen, who or what would be impacted by the idea and how, possible roadblocks and thoughts about how to overcome them. Record enough information so the ideas may be understood in retrospective; this will help inform decisions on how/if to implement them.
  2.  Try to record a visual or graphic - A picture's worth a thousand words.
  3. Pull out themes - There may be an overarching reason why these ideas weren't selected to move forward into implementation. If there any common themes or trends across the possibly good ideas, make sure to capture those.

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