What a Week!

Hi all -- barely recovered from an amazing week that featured our 7th Imaginatik Global Forum in Boston.  We had more than 115 attendees from customers, prospects, analysts and partner firms.   And a great number of online attendees for our first ever live webcast of the forum.   The spirit of the place was just incredible, the sessions were all packed, the questions were insightful and the overall feedback was very gratifying for the marketing team.

Now we are planning for Imaginatik Global Forum: Europe, which will take place in London in Q1 2010.  We are looking forward to spending some good quality time with our European customers, prospects, analysts and partners.

Here's a photo of our CEO, Mark Turrell at the conference.  Mark shared some Mark Turrell at the Imaginatik Global Forum Boston, 2009great insights with the attendees and had dozens of one-on-one meetings.  And Mark was hardly the only busy person there.  In breaks and at meals, we filled nearly every corner of the Hyatt Harborside with sidebar discussions between customers, between customers and prospects; between customers, prospects and partners; between Imaginatik, customers prospects and partners...well, you get the picture.  There was a lot of sharing going on.  ...and a lot of great food and a lot of late night fun.  Thanks again to all who attended.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we will be distributing much of the content over the next few months via video, taped webcast, etc.  We'll post links to it here and on the Imaginatik website. And we'll be posting presentation decks as well.

Importantly, we were smarter in our use of Twitter than ever before and established our #IMTKForum hashtag which we plan to use again in the future.  So we have an interesting running dialogue of what was said at the conference that you can see right here.

Thanks again to Jeff Howe, "the father of Crowdsourcing", and Rob Bryant, the CSC Six Sigma leader who shared his phenomenal story of personal loss and triumph and how he's applied those lessons to the business world.

And of course, great thanks for our customers from Pfizer, Solvay, Chubb, and Bombardier who delivered amazing cases studies on how Imaginatik has helped them meet their business objectives and grow their capacity to improve their business over time.   And thanks to our good friend Dr. Hitendra Patel from the the IXL Center at the Hult International School of Business for another insightful discussion on the trends and needs of companies trying to make Innovation a long term part of the way they run their business.

On to London!!

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