Why the suggestion box isn't enough

Suggestion Box

Even if you do have a suggestion box, where do those

suggestions go? Often, they go right into the trash.

Having employees share their input on how the company is running can be a great way to get them engaged and thinking about their careers in a broad context. How does what I do fit in with the overall effort? What can we do differently as a whole to ensure all of our successes?

These are great questions to ask. But then what? An employee may spend a lot of time thinking about a way to improve processes within the organization, but after three hours of carefully crafting the exact words to express this feeling, he or she will probably want a response. At the very least, they deserve an acknowledgement of their time and effort.

Filling a suggestion box is only one step in the journey to innovating the establishment. You need to do something with those ideas.

Luis Solis, executive vice president for growth and innovation at Imaginatik, tells Human Resource Executive Online this week that "the suggestion box is damaging because you're overwhelmed by ideas and there's no way to respond to them. ... It's getting the ideas combined into proposals, to having voting mechanisms to narrow it down to the ones management" will ultimately choose to act upon.

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