About CSC

CSC is a global leader of next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions. Their mission is to enable superior returns on clients' technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale.

By The Numbers

$64M - $128M

annual savings


active participants


ideas generated

Improve cash flow on CSC’s client billing process by reducing the Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) period between invoicing and payment


  • Defined CSC-wide idea challenge directly with the CFO and other key execs
  • Launched 8-week idea challenge to the relevant cross-CSC audience
  • Reviews- and decision-making team of 27 core leadership stakeholders, led by CFO

Business Results

  • Between $64M and $128M saved annually due to removing between 4 and 8 days of time between invoicing and payment
  • Broad participation across a large swathe of the organization
  • Direct benefit to the CFO office, visible win for the corporate innovation program