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We treat clients as partners, matching the best solutions to each client's specific innovation needs. Imaginatik’s team of innovation experts brings multiple decades of experience to help each client build innovation competence the right way. More than just consultants – we are coaches, advisors, and partners in your innovation journey.

In many companies there is an innovation gap between where the organization wants to be, and the reality of where they are today. We work with client executive teams to guide them toward development of an innovation roadmap and implementation plan that is right for them. The result is not only the course for innovation but, more importantly, a course the organization can rally around.

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True insights about your business, much like breakthrough ideas, rarely present themselves fully formed. They require a process of engagement, discovery and development to bring them to life. Leveraging our five-step breakthrough innovation process, we work with clients to help them connect at a deeper level, and to surface the often unarticulated needs and desires that can be leveraged for growth.

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We recognize that innovation is a discipline, and like any other important business function (marketing, strategy, finance etc.) it needs a commonly shared language, framework and set of tools to make it real. With organizational commitment, we enable this evolution in which innovation is learned, practiced and strengthened over time and becomes part of an organization’s DNA.

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Bring innovation to life

For our clients, we’ve generated $100M+ in returns, launched new product lines, and revolutionized operations. Learn how we can do the same for your organization.