Innovation Centers – from Incubators, Accelerators, to Skunkworks R&D and beyond

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Many companies aspire to build an Innovation Center. Yet, few create sustainable impact. Insights both into why that is, and more importantly, how to create new sources of value in new ways, are critical to laying the foundation for centers that sustain the type of value they were designed to create.

Innovation Centers come in a variety of flavors: Incubators, Accelerators, Skunkwords R&D, Open Innovation outposts, and beyond.

How do you choose the right one for your organization? Each can be effective, but only if: 1) their strategic mandate is clear, and 2) they are designed to “cross the chasm” from innovation catalyzed to value realized.

Attend this webinar and learn the five questions that will prepare you to drive sustainable value through your Innovation Center, including:

1. Where is value being created and destroyed in your ecosystem?
2. What are the objectives and focus of your Center?
3. What time horizons and risk profiles can you tolerate?
4. How much autonomy should your Center have?
5. And, finally, how do you get going, with speed and scale?

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