Dallas, TX

Innovation Roundtable, Dallas

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Together with our partner Innovation Leader, Imaginatik is proud to be hosting our next Innovation Roundtable in Dallas on November 3rd. The Innovation Roundtable format provides an intimate, small-group setting for Innovation Leaders to meet and discuss their craft. We begin with an opening presentation, followed by group dialogue.

This event is by invitation only, intended for corporate leaders of innovation. To request an invite, please send an email to

Discussion Topic

The Innovation Journey: driving impact & speed along the innovation maturity curve

Innovation is a complex and convoluted process. The path to innovation is often times messy and nonlinear. Yet innovation as a set of enterprise practices succeeds based on a number of fundamental underlying factors - both internally and externally - many of which are common to all organizations.

After closely working with and examining hundreds of corporate innovation programs, Imaginatik has packaged our learnings into a first of its kind maturity model for innovation program development. This 'Innovation Journey' captures the fundamentals of how, and why innovation programs develop over time, making the process of innovation more repeatable.

Attend this roundtable and be the first to learn about the Innovation Journey, including the purpose and key success factors for each of its 4 phases, and associated risks and resources required for each.




9:00 – Light breakfast, networking
9:30 – Kick off and introductions
10:00 – Roundtable discussion (round one)
11:00 – morning break
11:30 – Roundtable discussions (round two)
12:30 – Lunch, networking (optional)
1:30 – Roundtable ends

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