Seattle, WA

Innovation Roundtable, Seattle

This roundtable has passed. If you're interested in being considered for attendance at a future roundtable, please email lisa.falcone@imaginatik.com


Together with our partner Innovation Leader, Imaginatik is proud to be hosting our next Innovation Roundtable in Seattle on October 20th. The Innovation Roundtable format provides an intimate, small-group setting for Innovation Leaders to meet and discuss their craft. We begin with an opening presentation, followed by group dialogue.

This event is by invitation only, intended for corporate leaders of innovation. To request an invite, please send an email to lisa.falcone@imaginatik.com.

Discussion Topic

Ecosystem-Driven Innovation - Answering The New Strategic Question

Gone are the days when an innovation strategy could focus primarily on taking market share from competitors, adding incremental value to customers, or reducing the cost base. Most of us have now come to expect that new technologies will regularly re-shape value chains and industry ecosystems. This roundtable will explore the new strategic question for innovation leaders: where is value being created (and destroyed) in the ecosystem – and what might you do about it?


9:00 – Light breakfast, networking
9:30 – Kick off and introductions
10:00 – Roundtable discussion (round one)
11:00 – morning break
11:30 – Roundtable discussions (round two)
12:30 – Lunch, networking (optional)
1:30 – Roundtable ends

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