WEBINAR: The 5 Keys to Innovation Challenge Success

The Innovation Challenge method is a proven way to jump-start an innovation program. Successful challenges yield hundreds (or thousands) of new ideas, build excitement and engagement across the organization, and generate immediate wins for the business.

At Imaginatik, we’ve launched thousands of innovation challenges, working side-by-side with hundreds of client organizations. Along the way, we’ve distilled proven best-practice methods to ensure success every time. We know how to avoid the common stumbles that all too often create painful setbacks to ideation and innovation within an organization.

In this webinar, Sara Husk, Chief Solutions Officer at Imaginatik, will explain the 5 Keys to Guaranteed Success with Innovation Challenges. These universal principles of ideation and crowdsourcing apply equally to seasoned veterans and newbies.

Watch the webinar and you’ll learn:
• How the Charter Statement helps you scope your ambition – with the crowd in mind
• Why strong communication is pivotal – but not how you’d expect
• How to frame key roles such as Sponsor and Reviewer to ensure their success
• How to take advantage of Imaginatik’s Guaranteed Success toolkit

Whether you’re a veteran of the Challenge method, or considering whether Innovation Challenges are a good fit, this webinar is not to be missed!

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