WEBINAR: From Episodic to Sustainable: Getting More from your Innovation Challenges

Launching an Innovation Challenge is a great way to jump-start innovation within an organization. It’s fast, fun, engaging – and a surefire way to produce measurable business results quickly.

Yet, as the initial sparkle fades, Challenges too often become a sporadic activity – isolated in their ability to drive consistent business value. It’s important to use early momentum to make Innovation Challenges part of a growing, repeatable innovation program.

Join us on March 15th for a live webinar with Sara Husk, Chief Solutions Officer, and Chris Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer at Imaginatik, as they discuss the well-established best practices for evolving from episodic Challenges to a continuous innovation program.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn key lessons including:
• How to customize the Challenge process for a wide variety of internal use cases
• How to build consistent engagement into your innovation program
• How to measure successes and deliver clear business value, starting from the beginning of your program’s development

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