WEBINAR: How to Gain (and Retain) C-Suite Support for Innovation

Most new innovation leaders assume past experience will prepare them for the politics of corporate innovation. Yet “innovation” is a hot-button issue unlike most others, which brings its own hidden pitfalls and success levers. Small wonder, then, that average tenure of a Chief Innovation Officer is less than 18 months; their staffs fare even worse.

Everyone knows innovation programs need C-Suite support. What’s rarely discussed is what type of exec support matters most. How do you secure the right buy-in from the few critical sponsors? And how important is it to keep the C-Suite alignment strong over time?

Winning these battles rests on understanding the battlefield dynamics. Join us on April 5th for a webinar led by Chris Townsend, CMO at Imaginatik, as we unpack key lessons, including:

• How to create metrics that work in your favor, not against you
• How to convert senior sponsors into allies who give you support and leverage
• How to right-size innovation initiatives to make the best use of your current assets
• How to keep your own private scorecard for the Innovation Journey

Join us for this insightful live webinar today!

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