Innovation Analytics

As an organization’s innovation program gains traction, it risks becoming a victim of its own success. The growing volume of participation, and the thousands of resulting ideas, can easily overwhelm well-intentioned efforts of innovation managers and executive sponsors. Innovation Analytics is a suite of software tools that leverage powerful algorithms to help innovation leaders drive the quality and coverage of ideas in the innovation program.

Find experts, connectors, and influencers

Subject-matter experts are key to developing high-quality ideation content, while social influencers and connectors are crucial to fostering cross-fertilization and participation. Unfortunately, in most organizations these people are often hidden from view, obscured by layers of bureaucracy. Innovation Analytics employs algorithms that leverage patterns in online collaboration to identify and encourage these key roles.

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Filter, sort, and cluster ideas – at scale.

Most innovation programs are limited by the ability of decision-makers to actually read and prioritize the thousands of ideas submitted. Innovation Analytics amplifies what’s possible by leveraging technology to sort and organize ideas by measures ranging from popularity to thematic content to level of uniqueness.

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Develop hidden gems into innovations

Few great innovations were well understood by everyone initially. Often, buried within an ideas database are the seeds of a major breakthrough. Innovation Analytics greatly increases the chance of spotting these advances through an array of facilitating, browsing, and search tools.

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